My name is Shawnna J. Bass, and I am a professional digital artist in Austin, Texas. Since I was very young I have had a passion for art, particularly that of 2d animation and characters. I spent much of my free time as a child drawing characters from my favorite comic books and movies. Among my inspirations were Eastman and Laird, Ben Dunn, Disney Animation, and my all-time favorite, Don Bluth. I have always been fascinated with Japanese pop art as well, even before I knew it was Japanese. Everything seemed like a new inspiration as I was growing up and learning new things to try with art.

Throughout my school years I was blessed with several acknowledments/awards for my artistic endeavors. It was this encouragement that gave me the confidence and desire to strive for a career in the world of art. In 1999 I graduated from the Art Institute of Houston with an Associate's Degree in Computer Animation. During my learning at AIH I gained a rich knowledge of animation history and technique. It was a wonderful experience that I will always remember.

My first professional art position came to me in 1999. Since then I have enjoyed 10 great years as a working creative individual. I strive to bring the best of my skills to my employers, and the best of my knowledge to my peers in the art industry.

In my free time, my friends and I attend multiple events across Texas to share our passion and our own personal artwork with others. It is great to meet other artists and share our ideas and creations with others. I have always felt that art was truly a gift, and I am very humbled to be able to do what I love for a living.